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  • Holly:

    My name is Holly B, the Harrisburg Help Desk did an amazing job on my computer and set up my wireless router all for one low price. They stayed until the job was done. I love the Harrisburg Help Desk.

    • Happy Customer:

      Harrisburg Help Desk arrived early and finished the computer repair quickly. I am satisfied and would call again if I need help.

  • Rick:

    My screen needed replaced and the Harrisburg Help Desk did it for me for much less than anyone else could have, much cheaper too. They even took the time to clean it at no extra charge!

  • Bob:

    My PC was finished, at least that’s what the Geek squad told me. But after I took it to the Harrisburg Help Desk, I was back up and running in less than one day. Good as new, actually better than new and it only cost me $99. You guys are the best!

  • Cory:

    You are the Man! Thanks for taking care of all of my computer issues. Whenever I have a problem in the future, you’ll be the one I call.

  • Janelle F:

    After my hard drive crashed over the weekend, I lost all hope that I’d ever again see my digital photos or novel I’d been working on for the past couple years. My neighborhood IT guy couldn’t retrieve anything using his software, so I went to Craigslist and searched for “data recovery” services. This search led me to Harrisburg Help Desk. I e-mailed them on a Tuesday evening, and by Wednesday morning, Rob Golden had contacted me and set up a time that same day to come look at my computer. Three hours later, all my data had been recovered, backed up, I had a new hard drive and operating system, and all for hundreds of dollars less than Geek Squad quoted online! Simply amazing–I could not be more thrilled. Beyond his IT skills, Rob was fun to hang out with, and after spending hours in front of my TV, I think he’s a newly converted “Sex & The City” fan. Thank you, Rob, for your fantastic service!!!

  • Harrisburg Help Desk has helped me and my business on several occasions. They have always been very timely, affordable, and professional. I would recommend HHD’s services to anyone who is having technical difficulties with their computer.

  • Laura:

    Thank you Harrisburg Help Desk! You fixed all my computer issues, gave insight and better ideas for the tasks I was trying to accomplish, and all for a fantastic price. Rob is friendly, dependable, and a great guy to work with! You’ll be my first call if any other problems arise in the future. I would recommend HHD to anyone!

  • Jim:

    Thank you Rob and Harrisburg Help Desk! I’ve looked for years for a local computer repairman that works on Apple computers. You were really there when I needed you. I will come to you from now on whenever I have a computer issue. I will be recommending all my family and friends to you as well.

    Thanks again!

  • Ana:

    Thank you Rob for helping us with all of our computer needs. It is indeed a blessing to have someone like you
    that we can call. I have recommended you to all of my friends and family, because i have been blessed and want others to be blessed as well. Thank you and may the lord continue to bless you.

  • Harrisburg Help Desk, Rob Golden, is my HERO! I bought my refurbished iMac from Rob and it’s amazing! It has so many programs on that I’m still trying to figure out. In all my “figuring” I really messed things up just in time for my Deadline at the magazine I write for!! It was a Sunday night, but Rob still came to my rescue! He had me up and running in no time, with a smile on his face and mine :-) I’m extremely grateful that I found a good, hard working honest computer guy in the Harrisburg Area. Thanks Rob for everything you do!

  • Thanks Rob for everything. You showed me a lot on neat and cool things on the computer. Thanks and God bless.

  • Supa Dupa Sultan:

    Rob is the man when it comes to working on cpu’s Mac or Windows he is very professional and friendly. Be sure to contact him for your needs if want a professional job done for a reasonable price in a timely manner. Professional Sound Recording Studio supports Harrisburg Help Desk.

  • Conrad Lewis:

    Rob Golden…The name fits perfectly, he is “Golden” when it comes to taking care of computer issues, large or small…The Music Man knows how important reputation is, and we only support those who handle business in a proffesional manner. Rob is our guy, and Harrisburg Help Desk has the OFFICIAL STAMP!!!

  • Gerry Heberling:

    If you are having a computer problem, you had better call Rob. He knows his business when it comes to solving your computer dilemma. He is friendly, professional, and the price for his service is exceptionally reasonable.
    I certainly will use his help again if necessary in the future.

  • Rebecca Z:

    Thank you Rob G! Appriciate your hard work!

  • Cindy W.:

    Thank you Rob. You fixed in minutes what I could not in 2 weeks. I would gladly refer any of my friends to you.

  • Kathy Clark:

    I had Rob at my house in the middle of the flood of 2011. He was very professional and reasonably priced. He shared some helpful tips with me that weren’t related to the computer problem. He was professional, courteous and friendly. I will definitely use his expertise again since my husband and I are technically challenged individuals and will certainly have another blip.

    Thanks for your help, Rob.

  • Alexandrea G.:

    My computer stopped working the day after I got engaged. It had all my wedding files on it (that I created way before I had any idea I was about to get engaged). I took it to the apple store the following day and they told me I would lose everything on my computer! And if I wanted to recover my information it could cost upwards of 1000 dollars. I couldn’t live with that. I took my computer to the harrisburg help desk and It was fixed in no time. I have my computer back now with all my information on it! I couldn’t be happier!

    Thanks ROB!!!

  • Myron:

    Harrisburg Help Desk is my only solution for my computer challenges. I love the fast response and the great service. Harrisburg Help Desk is the only computer repair and consulting company for me and my business.

  • I emailed HHD on Wednesday night around 11 a.m….my computer was done, hard drive messed up. He got back to me by 12 a.m. Thursday. Picked up my computer at 12:00 p.m. on thursday, had it back to me fixed by the evening. Geek Squad who??!! I recommend them to ANYONE!!

  • Rob is simply the best IT person in the area. He won’t quit on a job until it is done and the customer is completely satisfied, and his rates are more than reasonable. This year, I have engaged his services three times, and have been completely satisfied each time–certainly not the case with an experience I had with the Geek squad a couple of years back. His response times to emergencies are exemplary, and I would never think about using any other repair person in the future.

  • Harrisburg Help Dest Mr Rob Golden is the best, he truely the best. HHD has the skill’s for any computer’s out there, they have fast and timely service, they are true professional’s. I will past the word on about HHD…….I’am hook on them for life….Thank you Rob.

  • doris smith:

    Heard about this computor genius from a relative. I had a serious glitch in getting back some important files. To the rescue came Rob the Golden, from HHD. He is the greatest. He stayed until the job was finished and showed me how to find my lost programs, He is truly the genius I heard about. and he in now on ‘ instant dial’. when my computer goes down, Forever my friend. His personality is the greatest in dealing with a senior citizen that wants to informed by computer and all it offers. Thanks again Rob.

  • I went to Rob’s with my iMac computer for a Memory Upgrade and Computer Training on 3 different programs. In just two hours I feel like I am a computer genius!! Thanks Rob for showing me some tricks to the trade. After I get these mastered I’ll definitely be coming back for more!!! If you need help with a program on Mac or PC, Rob is THE man!!!

  • Nick Marshall:

    Rob Golden provides wonderful personal service with an old-fashioned touch—he’s fast, courteous and conscientious. Besides being very knowledgeable, he was a pleasure to deal with on a business basis, unlike in many realms of the tech world, where the customer is treated impersonally and unsympathetically. He went out of his way to help get me back in operation after some serious computer problems, to an extent far beyond what any corporate entity would have done. I recommend his services highly.

  • Susan:

    Rob has now worked on our Mac at his office and an hp desktop and laptop in our home. What a relief to find someone who I felt complete trust in who could come into my home and provide me with expert and professionl service. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone in need of technical assistance. Today, I not only have all working computers, but I made a new friend as well! Thanks Rob!

  • chris plasic-van wagner:

    Rob was great! Came when I needed help to get my server back and explained so many things that I needed to know about my computers. I’m really pleased and so happy to have my computer back. Definitely he know what he’s doing. Thanks, Rob–great friendly guy.

  • Tonia Emswiler:

    I just wanted to express note of thanks. I very much appreciated the distance traveled and the remarkable knowledge, expertise and resolution/remedies provided. I have limited knowledge of computers and software, and I’m thankful for your patience and professionalism Rob.


  • Clevon Williams:

    So glad there is a computer tech that fixes what needs fixed and doesn’t over charge. Rob is the man!!! Makes sure you understand what he is doing and answers any questions with plan english. He also takes pride in his work and backs it up. Thanks a lot. You will hear from me for any future computer needs.

  • Joe:

    I love working with this company, they are always prompt with their service and always know ho to advise the customer

  • Scott Paterson:

    As usual Rob, you go over and above in your service and your knowledge is invaluable. Thanks again for doing a great job. You will always get my referral as the best IT tech around.

  • Jeff:

    He is the best. I can believe how great the service is, at Harrisburg help desk. Fast and reliable, with fair prices. The Harrisburg help desk is great.

  • Mary:

    Harrisburg Help Desk solved my problems with my Dell laptop. I tried to figure out what was wrong myself, but I needed help. Rob is great to work with. Really knows his stuff inside out. Explained things to me in a way I could grasp. I will be calling him again soon. I have to learn more. Thanks Harrisburg Help Desk!

  • Matt:

    Some keys on my keyboard were broken and I needed to replace them! Harrisburghelpdesk helped me to find the right keyboard and completely replaced the keyboard for me! Harrisburghelpdesk has quick and trustworthy services at a good price for the economy of today. I know that whenever I have any other problems with my computer that I will be contacting Harrisburghelpdesk!

  • I about had it.. I fought with tech’s from Netfirms to Godaddy and
    nobody could solve the problem I had since MS stopped their
    support of web hosting Front Page.. it was impossible to find some
    one who knew what the hell they were talking about.. I thought that’s
    the end of my hosting a web site..

    ..then I lucked out while checking out PC services on Craigs list
    as I made contact with the Harrisburg Help Desk and a tech named
    Rob Golden.. to make a long story short this guy was nothing short
    of amazing.. he was on the phone with tech’s from Netfirms and
    Godaddy and I know Rob schooled them instead of the other way
    around.. when all was said and done my site was up and running
    all due to the expertise of one man..ROB..

    Thanks Rob for restoring my faith there are still competent people
    out there to help someone in need..

  • Dee:

    Thanks for all your help! Whenever I need assistance with my computers, the Harrisburg HelpDesk is always there. Great prices and great people. You have a customer for life!

  • Lissette G.:

    I am not the most technological savvy individual, but Harrisburg HelpDesk saved the day and brought me into 2012…not only did I gain great service, but received it with a smiling face!!! Its nice to know that great customer service still exists….

  • Saul:

    My laptop died on me roughly ten months ago, and up until recently, I have been attempting, and failing miserably to bring it back to life. So after no success on my third hard drive, I finally decided to search for someone who actually knew what they were doing. In my web search, I happened upon The Harrisburg Help Desk website. With clear and insightful information on the site, and a price that will most likely always beat conventional retail outlets, it was a simple decision to make the call. The Harrisburg Help Desk had my laptop restored to its former glory in no time at all. To put it simply, The Harrisburg Help desk not only comes with an UNBEATABLE PRICE, but also the knowledge and experience to solve just about any problem you may have. If you have computer problems that you can’t fix yourself, do yourself a favor and call THE HARRISBURG HELP DESK.

  • Ed Bolton:

    Rob did a fantastic job of getting my computer back working again. I’m very impressed with his work. Everybody else had given up on it; even Verizon, when I took it to them to fix the problems it had with viruses all over it, refusing to let me download anything. But Rob — the Lord of the Computer Service World — did the trick and healed it and got it back up running again, just as if nothing had ever been wrong with it in the first place!
    I highly recommend Rob as number one to cure all your computer problems, because now I know for sure, from personal experience, that he can definitely do the job!
    Ed Bolton
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • Anne:

    Harrisburg Help Desk is the place to call! When I had computer issues, Rob came to the rescue! He was prompt, knowledgeable, and priced right! He got everything working again and in such a short time. He turned my catastrophe around. I will definitely call him for any future needs!

  • Crissy M.:

    My computer ( MAC) was running so slow and then suddenly died. I called Harrisburg HelpDesk and got Rob Golden. He picked up my computer and fixed it the same day. He even returned it to me and made sure it was working properly for me and answered all my question and concerns. Rob is very professional and a nice guy as well. THANKS ROB!

  • Cathy Sab:

    My computer would not start. Rob came to my home within 24 hours and fixed the computer. He answered all my questions and gave great instructions and suggestions for improvements. He spent a great deal of time making sure my computer was better than before it broke down. He is great to work with and I would recommend him.

  • Robin:

    I had some problems with my laptop ans I called on Robbie Golden to assist me with it . He had me back up and running the next day . It is running great and better than it has in a long time . I will be definately calling upon him again and will also be recommending his great work to other people ! He knows his stuff !

  • Robin:

    Last week my computer was down and I called upon Robbie with my problem . I no time at all he repaired it and got it running better than it has in a long time . He really knows what he is doing with his work and I am gonna giving him all my business and recomending his great expertise to others !

  • Ty Burrs:

    Before I went to college I did not have any of the required programs I would need for my classes, thanks to Rob I will be able to keep up in my classes and get my work done. Thank you Harrisburg help desk.

  • lois haas:

    great Service gave me just what i wanted great guy to work with:)

  • Hamilton:

    Great service and excellent repair work. Rob knows what he is doing and a great person to deal with. Would recommend Harrisburg help desk for anyone needing help with Mac or PC. Keep up the great job rob and good luck. Hope we can do business again.

  • What a great experience! I walked in as a stranger with a problem, and walked out sporting a new friendship with my problem solved……much more than I ever expected. Rob’s computer expertise and his honesty and integrity are most impressive. He went above and beyond to help me find a solution to my computer (and pocketbook) issues. I would not hesitate to send anyone to Harrisburg Helpdesk for assistance. Thanks Rob…you restored my faith in humanity!

  • Keith W.:

    I was having a problem with my new(used) computer that I couldn’t get on the internet and download anything. I’m sort of technically challenged, so I called my friend. He referred me to Rob Golden of Harrisburg Help Desk. The problem was far more involved than I thought. Good thing Rob knows what he’s doing; he got me back in business and actually improved my computer. Thanks.

  • BadButterfly:

    WOW…what can I say….Rob, thank you, thank you….I am a very satisfied customer…I was on the verge of buying a new computer when I decided to contact Rob….I had seen the web ads earlier this year when my computer was, I thought, about to die on me, but I continued to fight the need to replace the ole gal….earlier this week (12-12-2012), she started to give me problems again…I called Rob Friday morning and he came today
    (12-15-2012)….very knowledgeable….answered all my questions…..explained everything he was doing…he went above and beyond to help me….Rob, you are now my “computer guy”…or should I say Golden Guy!!….

    Bridget Anne (BadButterfly)

  • One of our systems was down and the Harrisburg Help Desk came to the rescue! We were dead in the water, but Rob came in and saved the day. He set us up and got us up and running. From now on when we have problems with any of our systems… we definitely be calling the Harrisburg Help Desk! Great prices and great people!

  • Rob did a great job of backing up my hard drives. Very professional and friendly. Affordable prices also!!!

  • Peter Good:

    The Harrisburg Help Desk is the best! When it comes to computers, they really know their stuff! I will be a customer for life! When I thought my laptop was DOA, they brought it back to life… they were also very affordable.
    The next time I have a computer problem, I will definitely call the Harrisburg Help Desk!

  • kwhit:

    Thank you, Rob, for the quick efficient service and for speeding up my computer. You are THE man to call for any computer needs! Thanks again.

  • Drew M.:

    I am a hobby musician on a limited budget, and rely on my computer to be stable and fast to be able to keep up with the demands of running high-end DAW software, and those demands are steep. After a recent computer crash on an older “gaming” system, I found myself scrambling to come up with the hundreds of dollars needed to repair and upgrade my system, only to find out that for a low, flat rate I could have my PC cleaned, repaired, and upgraded, to allow for a fresh start for this struggling (ahem, broke) artist! I would recommend Harrisburg Help Desk to anyone for all their computer maintenance and repair needs be the home, work, or play. Rob’s rapid-response service, attention to detail, and knowledge of what is important in this fast-paced world of high-tech nightmares is a lifesaver, and I can’t see going to anyone else in the area for computer service. Thanks hbg help desk, you rock!

  • Paula:

    My computer got a virus and I dealt with it for a few months. But as time went on, it was a tojan that would then wind up embedding itself into my entire computer. My laptop is only two years old and I sure didn’t want to buy another one. But I also didn’t want to get racked with high costs by a geek type squad. Harrisburg Help Desk promised to fix my computer for $99. They even came to my home. Professional service and within two hours I was back up and running. Somehow my hard drive crashed and it cost me an additional $49, but that was already advertised on HHD website, so I was fine with it. I defintely give a positive recommendation and I am sure my family and friends with be using this service in the Future.

  • Zenoria McMorris-Owens:

    The Harrisburg Help Desk was very calming for me. When I called them, I was at my wits end. They made me more knowledgeable about some of the tasks I was trying to perform. They helped me with my computer problems and their prices were very reasonable. Rob was GREAT!

  • J.U. Autobody:

    Rob is the only one this business will call when there is a problem with our computers. Not only he is great at what he does, but all for a great price. I love the fact he calls to check up on his work to make sure everything is still working up to par. We have and will continue to use his services, and give his number to anyone who needs computer services!! Thank you Rob your the best.

  • Rad:

    Once again, the Harrisburg Help Desk has come through for us! The Music Man at Kline Village will NEVER go anywhere else for computer sales or service! These guys are the best… Give them a call, today!

  • jr wright:

    After reading many of the testimonials regarding Rob Golden and Harrisburg HelpDesk, I can state that he is a special person who is very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, and does great work. He answers all our questions, and makes sure that we are satisfied with his work. He has come back to our home to make sure that everything is working properly. His fees are very reasonable, and he makes sure that his customers are satisfied. W recommend very highly that Rob is the person to call for fixing your computer. Thanks very much Rob…
    Jr & Tootsie (Dr.Phil) Wright

  • Rob is fabulous! His knowledge base is amazing, as is his turnaround time. He helped my business set up office networking, printing and scanning. He also saved me over $600. Because he was able to upgrade and fix our existing computer, we did not have to go out and buy a new one!! He is an excellent outsourced IT Department for small businesses. I recommend him highly!

  • Lisa:

    Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my laptop that was corrupt but I knew I needed to get it repaired for I was behind on work and that was the only computer that had the program I needed downloaded on it. Found Rob who felt optimistic about my issue. From the time I called him to the time I dropped off my laptop and picked it back up — fixed and ready to go — was less than 4 hours. I was totally impressed with his time frame and knowledge and will program him into my phone since unfortunately computers are unreliable but Rob is totally reliable and I know I will need his services again! Thanks for getting me up and running. I am an extremely grateful and very happy customer! Highly recommend!!!!

  • Luis:

    Great service, friendly people, always on time, I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!

  • Ruthie:

    I completely cracked the screen of my beautiful but 6-year old macbook one morning. Everything I read online said it would cost upwards of $600-700 to fix it, so I thought hope was lost and I’d end up having to buy another whole laptop, which I do not at all have the money for. The same day, I happened to be parked outside of a store with a sign that said “We Fix Computers”. I hurried in just hoping for best, and Rob Golden gave me an incredible deal on a new screen for my computer, as well as hooked me up with more memory space so it works twice as fast!

    I am so impressed with how quickly he worked and got it back to me the next day. Something I thought I wouldn’t be able to get fixed for months suddenly was fixed within 24hours, and at a very reasonable price. Mind=blown. I can’t be thankful enough!!! Besides this guy is very friendly and also hilarious! 5 stars.

  • Paul N.:

    My experience with Rob was awesome. He’s reasonable in rates, responsive to needs, and an ethical, pleasant person to work with. What more could you ask for in a service provider? I highly recommend these folks, and will be happy to do business with him again in the future.

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